Friday, 13 March 2009

"Now is the winter of our textured knits" misquote the Bard!

It was difficult to find a title for this laid-back KAL. I was considering Cable-Along but I want to keep it open to all kinds of textured knits: cables, ribs, bobbles, Aran style patterns, brambles, moss or seed stitches; anything that creates a 'lump' in knitting. My scrapbooking sisters might call it "lumpy-bumpy" but I choose not to use that term - applied to knitting it sounds like a mistake!

So, for the moment [unless anyone can think of something better], I choose to go with "Winter of Textured Knitting" [WinTexKnit?] which may be rather prosaic and boring but says what I mean!

And I have two blogpals who've joined me already - welcome Bells and Delighted Hands. Feel free to start whenever you like, knit whatever you want in any yarn you desire - as long as it's textured! Post photos on your blog to show your progress and/or FOs - it's totally up to you! I'll try to do a wrap-up of contributors at the end of each month from March till August.

Let the texture begin; anyone want to join us?


  1. I look forward to following your adventures - I don't think it would be wise for me to take on nay commitments at this time :)

    I have been given some yarn from a friend who is downsizing, I wonder if you could use it for charity knitting?

    I also owe you a blog prize!

  2. I'll say a tentative yes to this. Have no great plans for anything at the moment so a bit of direction may be a good thing.

  3. I'd love to join too, but the next two items on my knitting agenda are not really in the textured knitting class unless you count lace. :) One is another shawl and the other only has a small cabled feature at the front. But after those two I could could be spring by that stage, but if you're flexible, I could slip in a pair of textured socks or two.

  4. Okay, as long as it's not a race and as long as even if I only make one thing all winter. I call this type of knitting "slow knitting" and Lynne, you already know I'm slow enough! hahahahahaha (my 6 month pair of socks for instance).

    Off to dig out a pattern, I have something (small) in mind to start off with! Thanks for the invite.

  5. Well even though it will be turning to summer for me soon, (At least I hope, you can never be too sure up here!) I'll be glad to join you. I have the Wisteria sweater on my needles now and Twisted Socks by Nathania Apple on my dpns.


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