Sunday 15 March 2009

"meat and potatoes" knitting

I have 'borrowed' the title of this post from a recent post on Bells' blog where she writes:
I've discovered something important. Lace, to me, feels like luxury knitting. It's not the meat and potatoes knitting that I need to do in order to feel productive.
In many ways, I agree with her. Especially with reference to fine yarns. Knitting lace-weight into a large object takes a lot of knitting hours. The finished object is beautiful and useful but somehow frothy [as lace should be]. Despite all the trials I had with the Myrtle Leaf Shawl, I still like knitting lace; I especially love the magic that comes with blocking.

Lace knitted with thicker yarn like the two baby blankets I've completed in the past few months is relatively quick and, in the case of these two, simple. The items are useful - at least I hope the two new mums are intending to use the items not just put them away for 'good'. Perhaps the thicker yarn and the simple pattern make it 'meat and potatoes' knitting?

I'm all for sweet treats; we crave them as much as we need the basics of meat and potatoes! Lace knitting is somehow special; to be successful we need to slow down and concentrate. It requires time in a "microwave and instant coffee" world! And how often do parents threaten their children with no dessert if they don't eat dinner? This proves that we want the sweet goodies [and not just as children]!

We knitters are so blessed that we can have both - the basic staples and the sweet treats! Having giving up the monogamy of my early knitting life, I [like many other knitters I know] have different kinds of knitting on the needles. One look at the progress bars in the side-bar will show you what I mean! Not to mention the items in my Queue and the UFOs in the "Waiting Room"! And the dozens of ideas in my mind for 'vegetables': the beanies, scarves and mittens that will make up most of my knitting this winter!

Soon, I'm off to work on my latest contribution to 'vegetables': the Twisted Moss Stitch beanie. But first a special welcome to Deniasha and Rell who've joined in the fun of a Winter of Textured Knitting. We're up to seven! Woo-hoo!! Can you tell I'm excited?


  1. Oh sweet treats - yes! That's what they are. Damn hard sweet treats sometimes, but lovely and necessary, I reckon. Glad the concept resonated for you.

  2. I can relate to what you are saying. For me, the best knit is a pair of socks. No pattern, a little math and perfect results of a knit stitch on your feet in a week! Socks are my meat and potatoes!

  3. I love this, and you're so right! I find that I'm a much happier knitter when I have my meat and potatoes projects, and at least one "sweet" project for when I want to have that lovely experience of sitting down and concentrating on creating something beautiful. Balance in all things, right?

  4. Lace Knitting is my sponge Cake. Just needs to be just right.

    But then I am a more stick in the mud 'meat n veg' kinda knitter.

  5. I always believe in having your cake and eating it too, (which is why my middle is expanding alarmingly!!) so I put this policy in action with regard to my knitting too. Variety is the spice of life. And a balanced diet goes without saying...meat, potatoes, sweet treats...jumpers, socks, lace... :)

  6. OK - count me in too - but I'm not sure when - and when I do they'll be combined with lace - although there are some cables socks in my very near future!


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