Monday 30 March 2009

Beanies for Bushfires

One of the members of Knit4Charities has a contact who is officially allowed into the area where the members of one Victorian community are living in makeshift housing. She requested beanies and other warm items because it's becoming quite cool in the evenings for those living in tents.

I usually knit beanies between other projects or when I don't want to be distracted [like during the short free-to-air televised tennis season [most of January and again for Wimbledon in June]. I knit beanies because they are fast, practical, knit-in-the-round and I can practise different stitch patterns on them. I design all my own beanies and no two are ever alike. Because I knit for charity, it doesn't matter what size the beanie turns out, it will fit someone. I knitted the first beanie of 2009 in January during a Roger Federa game but didn't knit anymore until I decided I wanted to spend this winter knitting textures.

Anyway, the upshot of all this was that I had beanies in storage but hadn't counted them! I had put off mailing them to Victoria thinking "one more beanie" [you know how it is]. Yesterday afternoon I looked in the box where I store finished projects that I had intended for another charity [more about that next month] - I had a total of thirteen beanies ready to go and completed another last night! I think it's time to get them in the post!!


  1. How absolutely wonderful, and it will be so appreciated. You totally rock.

  2. Nice on Lynn! That's a top effort!

  3. It is so good to give back.......knit on!

  4. Definitely time to ship them off! :)


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