Tuesday 6 January 2009

FO - a diversion

Here is the baby blanket I finished knitting some months ago. The photo is a bit dark but true to colour. Tomodachi [a.k.a. Tom] is snooping around in the right of the picture. I sewed in the ends of the blanket on 28th December during my avoidance-of-lace-but-finishing-other-things period. It was blocked last week and photos were finally taken today - mostly to distract readers from the boringness of that "other project"! Here's another photo taken by WM in the role of photographer with my 51yr old bear [Ted] and Tomodachi assisting!

Although I didn't strictly knit this during the Long Lacy Summer, I did finish it during that time. It qualifies as lace [having both yo's and K2tog.] so this blanket is my first contribution to LLS.

The pattern is Snow Berries Blanket from "Easy Afghans for Knitters". I knitted mine in Cleckheaton Fiddle De Dee [100% cotton] on 4.5mm [US size 7] needles. I used the 500g I bought on special at Australian Country Spinners' Mill Shop when I was in Wangaratta in July. This photo shows how much of the ten balls I have left - from the last ball which was not enough to do another circuit of the blanket and the leftovers of two other balls.

It's a pity this yarn is discontinued - it's lovely and soft, and knits up quickly.

I made it for my next-door neighbour who is expecting her first child in February. I love it so much I might keep it for my first grand-child and knit something else for the neighbour. Hopefully, NDN will have a girl because this is such a boy's blanket! [Just kidding - I really want to keep it!] DD says I'm rushing things a bit - they're not even married yet; besides I knitted it for NDN so I should give it to her. I don't agree. I knitted it - I can choose who the recipient should be, can't I?

For those of you still following that "other project" - I have completed 10 repeats; that's a quarter of the centre panel!


  1. Now if you wait for DD & S2BSIL you could be storing for a few many years.

    I suggest NDN. But it is yours until you depart with it.

    PS You could always knit another for DD & S2BSIL.

  2. 10 repeats - yay!

    As for the lovely blanky, you can totally decide to keep it if you want to. It might be different if your neighbour knew you had intended to give to her, and then didn't, but it doesn't sound like that is the case.

    As Rell says though, you could always do another for your daughter!

  3. Ten repeats -- yippee!! And the blanket looks great; as the knitter, you most definitely can decide on who the recipient should be, right up until the moment when you hand it over :)

  4. Well done. It's lovely and whoever receives it will adore it. :) The bear and Tom are wonderful too.


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