Monday 29 December 2008

On the fourth day of Christmas...

It's amazing how the rapidly approaching New Year [and the less frenetic pace of life after the Christmas festivities] gives rise to a desire - nay, a need - to finish things!

So, here are two I prepared earlier - a crocheted knee rug with scalloped edge approx. 80cm [32in] square...

...and a crocheted blanket [approx. 175cm x 100cm - 70in x 40in] made with alternative squares of my variegated hand-dyed yarns and a commercial pink yarn. Both of these items are charity knitting.

I also sewed in the ends of the baby blanket and blocked it [photos when it dries] and completely frogged the Online cotton socks because I didn't like the shape of the toes!

Am I avoiding that wedding stole? I think I might be! LOL


  1. Beautiful, and while you are on a roll now you can tackle the wedding stole!

  2. That baby blanket is gorgeous. Your hand dyes are beautiful.

    Well done.

    Now onto that Wedding Stole, only a few days, not weeks.

    Please send my best to S&D. Thinking of you all.

  3. They're gorgeous! And I love the book you got for christmas -- that's a good one :)

  4. I can totally understand the ideas of wanting to finish things. I need to make sure I keep knitting at this time of year or nothing will get finished.

  5. Oh wow. GREAT work Lynn! It's amazing what procrastination can do for those WIPS we've been ignoring.


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