Wednesday 22 October 2008

Lace weight yarn

A week ago I had none! Zip! Zilch! Nada! Still I joined A Long, Lacy
. One can knit lace without knitting lace-weight, yes?

On Saturday DD and I went, as usual on the third Saturday of the month, to Knitters' Guild. This month should have been no different; no alarm bells were ringing. In fact, we were having no workshop, just spinning for anyone who wanted to try this mysterious form of fibre art! [Not me, baby, pedalling that thing causes pain in my knee. Besides, why go all the way to a Guild meeting when a spinning wheel lives in my house - albeit only for another fifteen weeks or so?]. What made this Saturday different was the retail member invited for the afternoon - Virgina Farm Woolworks. They sell fleece and spinning wheels [that's where DD got hers] and dyes and ... you get the idea! But this week, they had lace weight yarn - merino - in an off-white, ivory colour. Guess who has an ivory wedding dress? Guess who wants mum to knit a lace stole in fourteen weeks? So, yes, two skeins of Artisan lace weight merino in ivory came home with us.

On the Knit4Charities message board I read that Tapestry Craft was having a sale - a minimum of 30% off everything. The sale commenced on Saturday 18th October. Since we were already going into the city for "My Fair Lady" we stopped in for a visit - and I'm glad we did. I bought DD's Christmas present - it's what I had always intended to buy her, it was just a pity she was there with me! WM bought me a new wool winder - I don't know if it's a Christmas present so perhaps I shouldn't be saying anything. *sh*

Out of character, on a whim, I bought myself two skeins of Filatura di Crosa Centolavaggi lace weight merino. Those of you who've been reading my blog for a while would know that I generally knit for charity in inexpensive [some would say 'cheap'] yarns and rarely buy more expensive yarn - not for me or anyone else. But I fell in love with the colour and softness of the purple skein and bought the white one to dye a colour I'd like some time in the future [when I know what that colour will be]. In the meantime, I need to look through my lace books and see what the yarn wants to become!! *drool*

And, as if that wasn't enough, yesterday I got home from work to find a package addressed to me [packages don't often arrive here and rarely for me]. This was from Deb - I had won the prize in her Blogiversary draw. Guess what it is? Yeah, don't be smart - what colour? What brand?

I wasn't going to open the package, I was going to wait for DD to come home and share the joy and excitement but, heck no, she was out with her fiance and I was at home alone and feeling a bit down. I opened the package. I read the card. I put my hand into the post pack and felt what was in there - soft, smooshy, squishy, yummy! I pulled it out. A skein of Re Fa Baruffa - pure wool merino laceweight! Thanks, Deb, I love it!

From nix to five skeins in four days! I think this summer was meant to be for lace knitting - whee-hee!!


  1. ha ha - yes you scored there, on both counts. It just starts with one....then it all happens from there. Nice, very nice.

    And I've never really knitted with laceweight yarn before now. One simple scarf some time ago and nothing since, and yet I bought more than I could probably get through in a year!

  2. What a great haul! The centolavaggi is really a very economical laceweight, and fabulous colours!

  3. Ahhh, the beauty of bounty! Good for you-enjoy!

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  5. Oh you lucky duck. Squishes.

    Now I might ask why is DD not knitting her own stole? Yes I do know that answer. ;)

    A) It's Lace
    B) It has to be finished in 14 weeks.

  6. And you've got some laceweight silk, if I remember rightly?


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