Tuesday 28 October 2008

The lace saga continues

Thanks all for the lace hints. Myrtle Leaf is not a difficult pattern, it's easily memorised and I travel along quite well while everything is under control. It's not the knitting that's hard, it's not even hard to drop stitches! ;-) I seem to do that intermittently on SSP when I have to purl through the back of two stitches. It's the finding of those teeny-tiny little loops and putting it all back together that's difficult.

Thanks especially to Rose Red for the hint about the lifeline when using Knitpicks. Knitting the lifeline in was a lot easier than threading a tapestry needle though those itty-bitty stitches! I found a hint that dental floss made a good lifeline so that's what I used.

Another challenge has been the needles themselves - the work doesn't slide as I'm used to when using thicker yarn and metal needles. I'm using Harmony needles and the yarn is so fine it jams where the wood meets the metal, where the metal and cable end join [yes it's done up correctly] and where the cable meets the metal [especially on WS rows]!

"Ah the joy, ah the fun, now the wedding stole knitting has begun."
[paraphrased from Chad Morgan's "Bogga Wogga Wedding"]


  1. I tried threading a lifeline using the hole in my knitpicks needle last night and couldn't figure out how to make it happen! What did you do?

  2. So are you learning about perserverance yet?!

  3. Oh, I commisserate. But yes, lace is a good lesson in patience. Looking forward to seeing your adventure in photos! :)

  4. I sometimes find sliding the stitches from the cable to the needle a bit tricky too - just have to give it a bit of extra attention (unfortunately!).

  5. Ah, yes. The joys of P2tog tbl in laceweight. Lifelines are most definitely a good idea! The funny thing is (for me, at least) that I find I miss my insane knitted lace when I'm not doing it!


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