Monday, 7 July 2008

going south for a week of winter

In Australia, the last thing one who hates the cold would want to do is to go south for the winter; unless one had a very good reason, that is!

DD and I are off to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo next week, staying three nights in Wangaratta and three nights in Bendigo. Apart from the obvious [the mills in both towns] is there anything else a knitaholic shouldn't miss while in that part of the world?


  1. i don't know that part of the world at all but I just wanted to say have a fabulous time!!! I don't think it'll be a stretch to manage that!

  2. Contact some of the K4C's Bendigo ladies and have a knit and natter.Most of all have a wonderful time away and don't spend too much on

  3. Safe travel prayers go with you....

  4. I am SO jealous! Have a great timee.

  5. hiya i sorry i couldnt find an email address to email you at the
    K4c group
    im in bendigo and was just wondering if you were on ravelry as well and just thought it would be great to chatch up online before you get to bendigo

    elegence_au on K4c (peta)
    or pemcraft ravelry.
    hope to chat to you soon.

  6. Travel safely and enjoy. Bring your winter woollies! LOL


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