Saturday, 19 July 2008

Day 6 - breakfast, shop and rest!

This morning I was a ring-in [as was DD] at a Ravelry barbecue breakfast! David had told me on many occasions about the breakfast but never that it was for Ravelry members! I think he just assumed I was a member! No one checked my Ravelry membership so there I was - having breakfast with a sizeable contingent of Australian Ravelry members. I knew some of them: David, of course, Donna and Meg. Some of them had blogs that I've read but right now I don't remember their blog names. The editors of Yarn magazine were there but I didn't get a chance to talk to them or to tell them what a great magazine it is! Biggest excitement for me was meeting Sharon, who is also a member of Knit4Charities! Sharon won a couple of prizes; she had the greatest number of hand-knitted items on her person, starting with her socks and ending with her ear-rings, which were also socks. At first, I thought they were knitted flat but no! They were fully formed, tubular knitted socks! Her daughter was also wearing a pair! [Both pairs knitted last night I believe]. Because I was wearing a hand knitted jumper made from Cleckheaton Country 8ply I won a pattern book [as did all the other members who were wearing something knitted from Australian Country Spinners yarns].

Thanks to Feisty Wench [I think this is the right link] for organising the day and Damo, of Australian Country Spinners, for "commercialising it!" [his words not mine].

I took some photos of the Ravellers but not being one I haven't uploaded them.

From the breakfast to the Mill shop! It was still cold [I forgot to take a photo]so the warmth of the shop was very welcome. Despite being told there was not much in the bargain shop, there was enough there to satisfy me! I bought two kilograms of 8ply white/cream pure wool [Classic] for $80. That's $2 for a 50g ball! I could never get pure wool at that price at home, not even on sale. I also bought some 'scraps' - bags of leftover yarns for $1.00 each. I bought six bags because they had mostly white yarn in the m and I can use the scrap yarn to do the dyeing experiments then use the yarn to knit up little items or as part of a larger item. The scraps weren't in balls but that's okay - that's what wool winders are for!! I also bought some sock yarn [$6.00 100g] and some wool [I think it's called roving] for felting or spinning! DD spins, I want to try felting, both wet and dry!! Two of the 'new' crafts I mentioned in yesterday's post. Plus I got three free jumper/cardigan patterns!! So my budget is blown but I have enough to keep me happy for a while yet!! DD is getting married in January so what better present can I give her than the beginnings of her very own yarn stash!! LOL

Back to our cabin where the air-conditioner works well! Brunch for me, juice only for DD. She hasn't been well for a week, hasn't slept well either for the past few days. She went to bed four hours ago so I think it's time to wake her up. And me...knitting [blanket for Wrap with Love], reading ["Sense and Sensibility" and Yarn magazine Issue 3 which I bought in Wangaratta], tea and chocolate! Soon I'll begin the packing so we can get away early tomorrow - we have a 860km [548 miles] trip home and I have to do it one day as I have a class to teach on Monday!

This is the end of my long and frequent posts; I can't promise they'll continue when I'm back at work! I hope you've enjoyed sharing the trip with DD and I! See you back in Penrith!


  1. Safe trip home. :)

    see you soon

  2. What an excellent time you have had together despite certain obstacles (cold and a cold!) so thanks for taking the time to share with us! Safe travels.

  3. Yes, I've enjoyed sharing your trip very much. Though I'd have preferred to be there in person!

  4. I'm so envious!!

    What a fabulous road trip - and great additions to your yarn collection!

    (Remeber - anything bought on sale, on a road trip or at a wool festival does not count as stash!)


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