Sunday 25 May 2008

off and racing!

Was given permission to knit again on Tuesday evening.

Finished the entrelac blanket [I actually had 1980 stitches to go, not 990!]. Have sewn in all the ends - most done while I wasn't knitting, so it's completely finished.

Have knitted another two adult beanies, one in 8ply [DK] and the other in a thicker yarn.

Last night I started a poncho for DD. Frogged after ten rows because I thought it was too stiff. Started again, going up three needle sizes. Decided to knit on circulars in one piece [that is, no side seams]. After several hours of knitting - last night and today - found I was making a Mobius poncho! Don't know when it twisted; it was fine when I checked it first thing this morning!!


  1. Fantastic!!! I can't wait to see pictures. Especially the entrelac. I'm fascinated by this pattern.

  2. Well DD will have something unique, made by mum.

    Can't wait to see them both.

    Welcome back to the world of knitting. :)

  3. I had a frozen shoulder about 6 years ago--it was my left shoulder and after 3 or 4 months of physical therapy it was better and I have had no further problems with it. I did not stop knitting or crocheting. I now have tendonitis in my right shoulder--quit knitting for about 3 weeks, but am back at it. Doing the excercises I did 6 years ago and taking celebrex--it is slowly improving. I continued to work 6 years ago and now--I am a nurse. Doc said I could work. Hope your shoulder is better soon.

  4. Glad you are being productive again-the mobius is to keep you humble! Oh, thanks for the laugh, especially for sharing it because we have all done it!

  5. Welcome back! You know, some people have to try very hard to do a moebius, and here you are so talented that it just happened!

  6. My goodness! You really were off to the races, weren't you? Congrats on getting your needles back, and welcome home :)

  7. Welcome back tot he world of knitting (but don't go too hard at first!)



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