Thursday, 1 May 2008

Birthday gifts

It's almost a week since my birthday but the excitement of my DD's engagement had to take priority.

I received a gift card, a lace blocking kit and a book:

And we're going to Cirque de Soleil!


  1. I don't know how I missed the announcements last week (sorry!) - happy birthday to you (lovely gifts!) and congratulations on your daughter's engagement - very exciting! (so will you be knitting a shawl for yourself or your daughter for the wedding??!!)

  2. Oooh lovely birthday niceness!! And Cirque is great - took my daughter last year and trying to work out how to get there this year too!

  3. Happy birthday to yooooou.

    I would love to see Cirque! Make sure you let us know how it goes.

    What lovely gifts!

  4. Happy Birthday to you....

    Hope you had a lovely day and congratulations on the announcement of your daughter's engagement.

  5. Happy Birthday indeed! Great gifts! When will we see some results?! Have a great time at the circus!

  6. Wow Lynne, seriously brilliant presents. Lucky girl. I bet Cirque de Soleil will be absolutely fantastic. And after all that horrid pain you've endured, a lovely thing to be spoilt with.

  7. Happy birthday! What wonderful gifts :) Which Cirque are you going to? I love Cirque, and I am lucky in that they almost always come here right around my birthday, so I just have to go, right? Have a great time!!

  8. lynne
    having a senior moment her and i cannot find your email address. wanted to tell you about leonie.


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