Sunday, 16 March 2008

Entrelac workshop

Yesterday, at our Knitters' Guild meeting, we had an entrelac workshop. Entrelac is French for 'interlaced'. We used a method devised by Brenda Horne [also a member of the Knitters' Guild of NSW] which doesn't require starter triangles and isn't knitted on the bias; it is, therefore, easier to do.

I probably wouldn't have made so many silly mistakes and I wouldn't have had to do so much tinking if I hadn't been having a very enjoyable chat with David. However, I got the gist of it and later in the evening completed my 15cm square sample. I don't know that I would knit much in coloured entrelac; perhaps an afghan/blanket/knee rug. But our tutor, Raelene showed us an example of entrelac done in stocking stitch and lace knitting, and that got me thinking. A very dear friend of mine will be a first-time grandmother mid-year. Perhaps if I get knitting soon.... how much 4ply [baby, fingering] yarn will it take to knit a wrap 120cm [48 inches] square?

I'm off to design an Afghan and order some wool from Bendigo Woollen Mill. In the meantime, I''m going to put what I learnt to good use by knitting a blanket for Wrap with Love.

PS Thanks, David, for showing me how to do a thumb cast-on. Congratulations, Raelene, on being made a life member of the Guild for services rendered - it's a well-deserved accolade!


  1. I rally enjoy David's podcast! So envious that you have met him :) and get to go to workshops too!
    Thats a heap of beanies well done.

  2. see you in July!!
    and photos of the sample please!

  3. oh you are brave trying entrelac. It's on my list of 'don't go there!'

  4. I've always enjoyed entrelac and hope you have as much fun with it as I have!

    As you now know, it may look mystifying, but it's pretty simple to do :)

  5. I am very adventurous when it comes to knitting but my entrelac experiences have so far been failures-glad you liked it and look forward to seeing that baby blanket as it progresses!

  6. Oh a new skilled learnt....

    Maybe a bit of teaching will have to go on next K4C Meeting.. :)

    As with Belles... not on my to do list looked too hard, but hey I'm willing to give anything a go...

    Hope the shoulders aren't given you to much stress.


  7. I saw a picture of an amazing scarf one day and found out it was entrelac. I'd never even heard the word before. And since then I've been strangely intrigued by it. Will be following your progress with avid interest. We need pics too!!!!!


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