Thursday 10 January 2008

Lookee here!

Nine skeins of hand dyed acrylic and they said it can't be done!


  1. The colors are so soft and lovely :-)

    BTW: Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm "KnitSix" on Ravelry...Are you "raveling" yet?

  2. Nice colours - will look beautiful when you can get back to knitting - you are clever!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Very pretty. I love them. Keep up the good work.

    And tell everyone YES IT CAN BE DONE.

  4. I have found when dyeing pure wool I tie off the ends onto acrylic. And 70% of the time that acrylic will be dyed too when my wool gets done. I think it comes down to brand of acrylic.

    They look lovely. great colours



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