Saturday 26 January 2008

I'm knitting again!

Using one of my original dyed skeins [a variegated straw colour] I cast on a scarf, knitted seven rows, pulled it out! I cast on three stitches for a turban, knit seven rows increasing in each row, pulled it out. Cast on for a scarf again, knit a few rows, pulled it out!

Finally I cast on for a pair of child-size mittens on my new [received for Christmas] Knitpick dpn's [gee, they're heavy]; I've never knitted mittens before. Knitted 26 rows and stopped - sore shoulder [the right not the recently injected left!]

I want to knit up one of my 'better' dye jobs but they're all 50g balls and I don't know what I can knit with 50g; I don't want to knit scarves or squares - how boring when I've just been given the go-ahead after 35 days of no-knitting! I'd like to knit something in stocking stitch because the smooth side will show up how the colours pool! I also want to knit the Baby Surprise Jacket and Tomten Jacket from EZ! Too many choices yet a limited choice!! Oh yeah, all my dyed yarns are pretty pastel ['gelato'] colours; not really suitable for knitting for the homeless which is one of the things I really want to do!

But, at last, I'm knitting again!!


  1. Could I suggest Baby Bonnets for K4BN Homeless Connect Day

    Or baby/childrens socks.

  2. Well done!!!! I can't wait to see your knitting with your beautiful yarn.


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