Thursday 3 January 2008

Clapotis and lace!

Here are some very belated photos - first, a close up of Clapotis which I forgot to photograph in full before posting to my friend for her 50th birthday. Aren't the colours gorgeous?

Second, the lace scarf which I designed [including inventing the edging] and made for a friend's 80th birthday.


  1. These are totally awesome! Love the color of your Clapotis!! Wow! What yarn did you use? Your dyeing experiments are pretty cool too!

  2. The lace scarf is awesome - will you be publishing the pattern?

  3. Hi Rell sent me this way. Your posts on dyeing are a great read.
    I just had to leave a comment on your lace, its drop dead gorgeous! If you ever sell the pattern, let me know :)It's just so lovely.


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