Saturday 26 January 2008

And the bad news is....

I have overdone it!! My forearm hurts from too.much.knitting! [for me, it seemed so very little but WM and DD were concerned I'd knitted for far too long!]

I'm ten rows short of finishing the first mitten - defeated by the pain. Actually, just being sensible - don't want to be permanently out of the knitting world!


  1. Yes, be sensible!!

  2. Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog -- I'm so glad to have found yours :) Definitely be sensible with pain -- better to take it slow than to hurt yourself so that you can't knit again for a while :) I hope a little rest works wonders!

  3. Rest my dear. Don't overdo it.

  4. I'm afraid the 'no pain, no gain' cliche doesn;t work here - take it easy (hard, I know)and get a little done at a time.


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