Sunday 30 December 2007

I'm allowed to dye!

Not much happening here. Apologies to all visitors who've found this site a little boring of late!

I've been diagnosed with frozen shoulder and my specialist has told me not to knit! I'm so fed up - I'm also not allowed to crochet, embroider, draw, write, paint or do anything else that causes pain to my left arm! This explains my silence on this blog - no knitting, no news!

However, I am allowed to dye - it puts little stress on the muscles. I will continue with my experiments in dyeing acrylic yarn which were put on hold over Christmas while my parents were visiting. Mum and dad left yesterday and I am able to return to dyeing. This knitting blog will become a dyeing journal - at least for a little while! I hope and pray that I soon will be able to knit the yarns I'm dyeing!


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  2. You poor thing! Dyeing might just make up for the lack of knitting.

    Sorry - I have too many windows open and had to delete a comment meant for someone else! That'll teach me!


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