Wednesday 5 September 2007

knitted art dolls and sockewolle

Three and half weeks since my last - very short - post! Life has been hectic to say the least.

My holiday in NT was great but it seems like a very long time ago. I think WM has finally finished editing his 800+ photos (and stopped hogging the computer)!

DD and I went to the craft show at Rose Hill racecourse a couple of weeks ago. I didn't intend to go but saw an article on Sydney Weekender about a product/craft I hadn't seen before so, of course, I had to go! On t.v. it looked some form of terracotta but it turned out to be more like a form of PVA glue - the version used on t.v. was terracotta coloured. The product is used to make weather-proof sculpture from fabric - but could be used for yarn too! Which got me thinking about yarn as an art medium rather than a material for making practical items.

We saw a fashion parade of knitted/crocheted items by Threads and More (Brisbane) so, naturally enough, took an extra hard look at their stall. Hiding in the corner I found sockewolle for $15.00 a skein. I tried to choose only one but ended up buying two - one for WM, one for me (or is that two for me?!) Colours 789 and 795 Who said I was obsessed with knitting socks?

While at the craft show, I saw some interesting "art dolls" - not the kind of thing made to give to children as play things, but fine art soft sculptures. These also captured my imagination and, for the moment, I'm obsessed with the idea of knitting an art doll. Of course, I've never knitted a doll of any kind before, but I'm not one to let that stop me! So, does anyone know anyone who knits art dolls? Can you point me in their direction? Why should such a great art form be the domain of fabric artists?

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  1. No idea about knitted art dolls sorry! I have seen those PVCish type sculptures though.

    I have just bought Online yarn too. Have you used it before?


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