Sunday 30 September 2007

Alice Springs comes to Canberra
and Sydney goes to see!!

The travelling exhibition from the Alice Springs Beanie Festival is on display at Floriade. After watching Better Homes and Gardens on Friday night, WM and I worked out the only day we had available to visit Canberra was yesterday - so we did!

The highlight for me was, of course, the beanies - knitted, crocheted and felted. I'd like to show you lots of photos but it would be a breach of copyright. Please go to the above websites to see some samples. I also bought Colours of the Country: Celebrating ten years of the Alice Springs Beanie Festival. It contains many photographs, a written history of the festival and some crochet and knit patterns [and one beanie from the exhibition on the cover]. The book is available from TAFTA for $25.

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