Wednesday 4 July 2007

Sock addiction!

I know - I said I would not knit socks. Why would I pay to knit something that will wear out more quickly than jumpers, scarves or hats? After all, I can buy socks for $2.99 a pair and when they wear out, buy more!

But the bug hit. I borrowed The Twisted Sisters' Sock Workbook from the Guild library. I even asked for a copy for my birthday. Why would I want a sock workbook when I don't plan to knit socks? I drooled over the colours (my real passion). I knitted a pair of socks in Carnival Fair Isle Effects pastel acrylic. The hourglass heel took a couple of tries but I finally got it.

WM saw the acrylic socks and hinted that he'd like some. Off to the lys for real sock wool. $19.95 a ball! (How many pairs of socks is that at the local department/chain store?) That pair of socks is long finished and worn on Sundays (the only day he doesn't work and is therefore not in uniform!) Another pair of socks followed - finished yesterday, except for the toe grafting.

I couldn't wait, I just had to cast on another pair for a charity knitting project. After all, anyone can knit scarves or blanket squares or even beanies, it takes a little experience to knit socks (yeah, right LOL).

I told myself I'll just knit the leg then stop. The tennis started, Leyton Hewitt was playing, I'm a supportive Aussie who enjoys watching tennis, and suddenly the heel was started. Oh no, rain interrupted play - "go to bed Lynne." "Hmm, I'll just finish the heel, then I'll go." Rain ceased - Leyton returned to the court - knitting continued. Fortunately the game finished quickly - 2am is really too late for me to be going to bed, but I'm on holidays so who cares if I sleep in till 10am! I got up and knitted the foot before having a shower - now I'm off to do the toe shaping and cast on the second sock!

Addicted? Who, me?


  1. Oh dear. Say goodbye to your sanity.

  2. I so know how you feel. I never saw what the fuss was about until I decided to enter a competition and got hooked by the sock bug....

  3. Same here,Im obssessed with sock yarns,even spinning to get the stuff!!!!

  4. Hello, I am Annette Strauch, I am mailing from Wales, UK, where it is raining most of the times. My mum lives in Germany and loves knitting - in all weather, day and night. I have been the mostly dressed woman in self knitted clothes on earth I think. Since I was small, now I am 36, my mum used to knit for me: jumpers, dresses, skirts, socks, stockings, shoes, bed-shoes, bags, etc. I came across your Blog and had to comment. KEEP up with the good work. I love creative people, Annette Strauch


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