Monday 28 May 2007

First sock finished!

On Donna's recommendation to buy a set of five needles, I bought two sets of four needles at Lincraft today and finished the first sock including the grafting / Kitchener stitch (my first attempt) just before dinner tonight! The second sock has been cast on - so far I have avoided SSS (second sock syndrome!)

WM wore the first sock inside his zip up leather boot and walked around the house a few times. He found the toe graft kept slipping uncomfortably under his toes. Does this mean the socks are too big or too small?

By the way, Lincraft Penrith has dpns all the way down to 1.25mm! They look like elongated sewing needles.


  1. I think it means the socks are too big (or his feet are too small!). I haven't tried socks on two circs or magic loop, I just really like the dpns - although one day I will probably try them.

  2. Well done! Sounds to me like the sock is too big too. And, hand knit socks do feel different on the feet.

  3. oh, well done! That's so great! Cant wait to see the sock!


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