Thursday 10 May 2007

Come on, Aussie Knitter, Come On

I have joined another charity knitting KAL Rugz 4 Kidz.

This is for Australian knitters only. The idea is that each knitter will knit a section of a child's blanket using machine wash 8 ply yarn (wool, acrylic or a blend) then send it on to another knitter to add their bit and so on until it is finished.

Each rug requires 20 knitters and so far we have only sixteen so if you live in Australia and want to be part of this check out the link.

Oh, each knitter also sends a small gift to the next knitter as a way of thank you so it's like a knitters' treat as well as a KAL and a way to bless someone in worse circumstances than our own! And possibly make new knitting friends along the way! So, come on fellow Aussie knitters, have a go!

If you live in United States, Rugz 4 Kidz is based on a similar idea happening there: the Oddball Charity Blanket KAL


  1. What a neat idea! Have fun. :)

  2. That sounds like a great idea, have fun!

  3. Dang it - if I knew when we are doing this moving to the USA I'd know if I can join in on the rugz4kidz or not...

  4. Thats really nice, what a good idea. Thank you for the comment on my blog too. x


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