Sunday 1 April 2007

Finished, but not happy!

I've finished the shrug, sewed in all the ends and seamed the sleeves. Do babies really wear these things? It looks incredibly uncomfortable.

If you look in my sidebar you'll see that I've marked this project at 99%. That's because the pattern says to turn down one edge to make a collar and sew a button beside the collar.

Having a right side and a wrong side (stripes) really messes with folding down a collar, but I can live with it - after all the baby can't see behind his head! But do they really need that button? My other pattern (27 years old) has ribbons for ties but I gather that's a no-no these days.

What to do? I knitted it for charity so I guess, being this close, I'll finish it and give it away - but I'm not happy.

PS I'll post a photo when I can find a doll or bear that it fits - lying flat it doesn't look like anything! Maybe that's why I'm not happy.

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  1. Not sure what pattern you're using, but yes babies do wear shrugs. Good for keeping their upper bodies warm!


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