Tuesday 27 March 2007

When will I learn to prepare properly**?

If I had knitted a swatch I could have weighed it and used that to work out how much yarn I needed, since the pattern didn't give any indication of how much yarn is needed to complete the shrug.

It was coming along well - although I notice that I have slightly uneven tension on 3mm needles using 4ply (fingering) yarn for garter stitch. Anyway, I was almost halfway when I realised I didn't have anywhere near enough yarn to finish it! Having knitted about 17cm of the 40cm body, I was reluctant to frog! What to do? Use another colour - what else? My baby shrug now has yellow stripes and is certainly different! And I should use up most, if not all, of the blue yarn and about half of my yellow yarn - knitting from my stash is what stashalong is all about! :-)

I will post photos of my stripey shrug as soon as it is finished. I am using it as my Lint for Lent project so I am knitting at least 30 minutes every day - hopefully it will be finished before Easter. LOL

On a more positive note: I did a swatch for my summer cardigan, and carefully divided my yarn, with slightly more for the fronts than for the back. I am knitting it from the top down with the sleeves as part of the body, that way I can make it as long as possible with the yarn I have, rather than making it a certain length and then realising I haven't enough yarn to finish; or, worse still, that I have a silly little bit left over. I'm knitting a simple lace pattern (K1 *sl 1, K1, psso*, repeat from * to * to end of row, K1) on size 8mm (US 13) needles so it's knitting up quite quickly (much faster than the shrug!)

**Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

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  1. Hi Lynne - I remember meeting you at the BMguild and finally got around to finding your blog :)

    I was always taught about the 7Ps - Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents P*ss Poor Performance - but I think yours is a tad bit nicer for a public forum!


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