Sunday 11 March 2007

I've changed my Stashalong participation

I realised today that I had met my Stashalong goal on 2 March. Option 3 was "don't cast on for any new project while WIPs are on the needles". I signed on in January to complete 5 projects, the fifth of which was done on 2 March. Here is the list copied for my sidebar:
1. Diamond Wrap #1
2. Diamond Wrap #2
3. Striped Squares Wrap
5. Diagonal Diamond Wrap
6. teddy**
7. jumper with cables
**to be finished in February 2007
So I have signed on for Option 1 for two months - to knit only from my stash and not to buy any yarn in that time. However, I do have one free day per month so that allows me to buy yarn next Saturday at our knitters' group meeting if anything takes my fancy! Woo-hoo!

I still have to complete two WIPs before I will allow myself to cast on for a new project. The first of these is the Diagonal Diamond Wrap because I joined Lint for Lent on 2 March, and because I want to get that laundry basket full of acrylic yarn used up! The projected finish date for this project is 17 March. Then I'll knit the back of that jumper and finally get to start a new project! :-)

edited: 12 March 5.40pm
Am I insane? Less than a week to finish that wrap! I don't think so. I still have about 50 squares to go. At 40 minutes a square, there is no way I can finish by this Saturday! What was I thinking? Finishing date, including sewing up and sewing ends in - 31 March.

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  1. I'm impressed with your organisation and tenacity. I've wondered off to frogland where timelines have no relevence.


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