Tuesday 22 October 2013

we interrupt this program

My program for completing UFOs this month has been interrupted by the devastating bush fires still raging just a  few kilometres from here.

Over 200 homes have been lost and more than 50,000 hectares of land destroyed by the fires. And that’s just in our local area – there are fires blazing right across the state while our southern neighbours in Victoria have experienced a return to winter!

The quilting group that I belong to has decided to make quilts specifically for those who have lost everything in these dreadful fires.

My sewing goals for this month included two quilts to be shown at the Airing of the Quilts next April plus a quilt for our bed. None of these is absolutely necessary right now – so they have been put aside in favour of making quick quilts to be donated as soon as possible.

My knitting goals included a pair of socks (finished two weeks ago but not blogged about) and a cardigan for myself. I have not had any desire to work on the cardigan so have put it aside to work on sewing rectangles (knitted by somebody else) into a blanket. I started this when the Grandboys were here; both of them have done some of the stitching. This blanket needs to be finished and will also be donated to the victims of the fires.

Even WM has been helping me by making bias tape for the quilt I am making from “quilt-as-you-go” blocks (made by someone else and donated to our quilting group).

The photo (taken on my iPad on a grey day) shows my living room floor as I work out my layout for the knitted rectangles. Beside it I have placed one completed row of the QAYG blocks. So far I have completed three rows and have five more to go before I can join them to make the quilt.
2013 knitted patchwork
Please excuse me for not stopping to find and insert more photos – there are more pressing issues at hand and I need every minute to get my new projects done!

If you are so inclined, please join me in praying for soaking rain for New South Wales – the gardens need it, the farmers need it and the fire-fighters desperately need it!


  1. Thank you for sharing this crisis! Prayers for comfort and relief heaven bound...
    So glad you are making tangible evidence of these prayers.

  2. Let it rain in your region! And let all the fire burn out. In Denmark we hear about the fire every day. Hope it stops soon.

  3. I'm sending wet wishes your way... fires are so devastating.

  4. Hi Lynne
    We packed and got out this morning. Grabbed my knitting bag Katie took her sewing machine and the other important thing took photos of the house said a prayer and good bye. Where staying at my folks place and checking in on the RFS website

  5. Sending prayers for lots of rain.

  6. Good luck finishing up all your projects for those who lost so much in the fires. I'm praying all the parched areas get rain.


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