Sunday 27 October 2013

knitted patchwork

Late last night, I finished the blanket (afghan) made from seventy smallish rectangles. It took me the better part of three days to stitch them all together into long strips then join the strips together. At 9:45 last night, I began stitching a border around it. Crochet is not my forté and it took me nearly an hour to go all around the 232" perimeter using double (US single) crochet.

The Knitted Patchwork blanket, along with my Intarsia Blanket (seen below) were taken to church this morning and will be given to two victims of the terrible bushfire which is still burning not far from here.

Now I'd better get back to knitting my Winmalee Blanket -- so called in honour of the village where the fire took so many houses.


  1. Hi Lynne,

    Well done on the finishing. I stitched together a pile of squares I was given some years ago and cramped my hand for a couple of days. I once did a crocheted granny square blanket. Just the one square which became larger and larger, finally taking over a skein of wool for each colour around. I loved it and we had it in a holiday shack at Wollombi.

    I think those fires will smoulder and burn for weeks unless we get substantial, prolonged rain. The mountain valleys hide many things, including pockets of fire ready to flare on a hot or windy day.

  2. Well done. I've just stitched together 25 squares and edged them. I know how much work is involved. I've been meaning to try intarsia. You've reminded me to add it to my list.

  3. Great work Lynne. I find knitting the squares is fun but the stitching together is very tedious. Sending very rainy thoughts and prayers to your area.

  4. An excellent way to share your concerns-pray and knit! Beautiful results.

  5. They are so beautiful! :) I love the colors. It's great to see them finished!

  6. You've been busy. Both blankets are beautiful, but I like your Intarsia best. Hope the fires have eased off somewhat.

  7. Hi, Lynne - I hope you are doing OK and I really hope the fires have been contained yet - it's hard to tell from the news I can find. Your fire blankets are so cheery and will certainly be welcome.

  8. Hi Lynne,
    Just love what you have done with the patchwork blanket,
    bet you had fun with that. Knitting rules!
    Cheers, Anita.


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