Monday 1 July 2013

blocking is not for the faint hearted

Imagine a rectangle 102cm x 96cm.

Now think about 126 round-headed pins. Yes, that's right, one-hundred-and-twenty-six!

That’s how many pins I used to block my Blanket for Emily.

It’s knitted in 10ply (Aran-weight) Fiddle-De-Dee by Cleckheaton; a sadly-discontinued line of 100%cotton which is both machine-washable and machine dryable.

Because the blanket was knitted in cotton, I needed less pins than if it had been knitted in wool.
2013 Emily's blanket edging detail
I could get away with one pin in each of those scallops because cotton doesn't have “memory” like wool does. Once stretched, it’s stretched. Wool bounces back to it’s original shape (if not stretched too far). Items knitted of wool may need blocking again after a few washes if they were not severely blocked the first time. Cotton, on the other hand, stays stretched.

As I was saying, this is a good thing. Smile

Good because I needed less pins to block it and was therefore on my hands and knees for a lot less time than I might have been!

Good because my niece can wash and dry this many times and it should retain its shape (unless she stretches it more (by hanging by clothes pegs or some such)!

Good because this particular cotton can be dried in the machine which, in the weather we’ve been having, is almost the only way to get the washing dry! Storm cloud

I love the way that blocking evens out the puckering that occurs while doing entrelac in stocking stitch.
2013 Emily's blanket blocking detail
So, may I present another finish for June? A blanket for Emily (details on Ravelry). The photo was taken while the blanket was still blocking (and before the ends were sewn in) inside on a very wet winter’s day without flash because that washed-out the colour. The lights were on which, of course, gives a yellow cast to the photo. The yellow is more lemon than the photo shows but I couldn’t get the right tones by editing.
2013 Emily's blanket blocking on a very grey day
The ends have been sewn in now but you don’t need another photo, do you?

Five finishes this month! I hope I can keep this up for the rest of the year next month’s 2013: Year of the Finished Object challenge.
Never Too Hot to Stitch!


  1. I'm currently pretending that there isn't a shawl requiring blocking....

  2. I love the yarn you used. I've also just finished an entrelac blanket and when I've edged it I'm planning a blocking session. Now I know what to aim for.

  3. I love knitting entrelac. This will be a very useful blanket I am sure.

  4. Oh my goodness you have patients! It's totally worth you time, though. Absolutely beautiful!

  5. Wow! It turned out beautifully! Yay! You did a great job with the edging, too.

  6. I never realized you had so much to do once you finished knitting something. Emily's blanket looks very pretty. Congrats on the 5 finishes, that's pretty awesome!


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