Saturday 29 June 2013

Friday was for finishing

On Friday, after spending a few hours steeped in family history (it’s addictive, you know), I realised that if I were to reach my craft goals for June I needed to get off the computer! Surprised smile

First I had to tidy my sewing room and retrieve my sewing machine from its case (where it has spent the last five weeks). Sad smile

I did a bit of machine sewing on my hexagon bag to finish it off. I could have just done some hand-stitching but the machine is so much neater! See the pin stitching around that half-hexagon shaped opening! LOL
2013 stitching detail
Ah, the joy of sewing on a newly-serviced machine! Open-mouthed smile

Then I changed thread and bobbin so that I could join seven widths of fabric to make binding. Of course, I had to press the fabric and cut it first!

I sewed the binding to the quilt and then crawled around on the lounge-room floor to block some knitting (subject of a future post) which had been soaking for several hours and had just been through the spin cycle on the machine. Mind you, with all the wet weather we are having, it may never dry! Storm cloud

In the evening, before dinner, I sewed in the ends of the thread on the hexagon bag. All that’s left to do now is insert a drawstring but my teacher has a neat idea for finishing so that has to wait for Monday. In the meantime, I’m calling it a finish! Be right back
2013 almost finished
Last night, I did about five hours of hand-stitching while WM watched the football (rugby league) and I listened to podcasts (the Genealogy Guys – yes, I’m hooked). The Earth and Sky quilt is finally finished! The fabric I used for the binding could only be used for that purpose or in small pieces the printing is not straight on the fabric! Look closely towards the right of the binding, that’s not me, it’s the printing!
2013 Earth and Sky binding detail
After the football, WM went off to play Bejewelled for a while, so I finished the binding and picked up a pair of socks that have been on the needles for far too long (Ravelry shows me that they were started in early January). Five more rows of knitting and some toe-shaping saw the second sock done (and it isn’t even on my June project list!)

Today I listened to another podcast while grafting the toes of the socks and sewing the ends in. They are slightly too small for me so photos had to be taken without a foot inserted!
2013 Socks for Someone #3
Photos were take and a post was written.

Finishes are so satisfying! Open-mouthed smile
2013 Earth and Sky quilt finished
Linking up with Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday over at Blossom Heart Quilts.


  1. What a great variety of projects -- you are multi-talented! Your Earth and Sky quilt turned out so well! Great job! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  2. Lovely to see all the finished projects! The bag is perfect-very nice work ( I can imagine the drawstring already!) You are off to a great finish for June....what will July bring?!

  3. Wow! You've gotten a lot done :) The quilt is gorgeous and I love those socks!

  4. You did get a lot done. The hexie bag is so cute! Congratulations on finishing up the Earth and Sky quilt. In spite of the slightly funky printing, the binding looks great.

  5. Lots of great finishes for you. I love Earth and Sky! And of course the hexie bag. Super cute!


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