Saturday 21 May 2011

Applique Adventures in Knitterland
a visit to Hobby Sew

Firstly, thank you for your comments regarding my dilemma with not having enough fabric to make the blocks for my Houses quilt.

I went to Hobby Sew in Kings Park on Thursday after work. Hobby Sew has an extensive range of fabrics and, more importantly, they have staff that know what they are talking about and give excellent customer service. Imagine, a large store that actually greets you on entry!

Before going to Hobby Sew, I had considered all my options regarding my Houses quilt and decided to purchase more fabric in a lighter colour. At first I looked at lemons - but I didn't like the green and gold theme (don't get me wrong, I love Australia; I just didn't want that combination for this quilt). I tried creams - better, but still not quite right.

Then I found a beautiful, subtly patterned, green fabric. It was expensive.

I tried to ignore it. I looked at other fabrics. But in the end, it was just. so. right. and I had to buy it.

I have tried to photograph it but cannot convey the way the pattern shifts from light to dark, how the dots randomly form little flowers and yet, from a distance, the fabric looks solid. This is the best I can do - photographed with the bottle green of the other blocks; don't they look good together?

And, for my applique, I bought these:


  1. Excellent fabric choice! Just the right addition for the quilt! I told you that you are a natural!

  2. i'll look forward to watching you applique. I've got a project ready to go and feel anxious about how to do it.

    The fabric is really lovely. Sometimes you've just gotta go with what speaks to you.


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