Thursday 8 October 2009

children's jumpers

Over the past few months I have knitted several child-size jumpers [sweaters] for charity. I have been practising and refining my knitting-in-the-round technique and designing some successes and some failures.

One of those failures, although I didn't realise it when I posted about it back in June, was a sweater-without-shoulders. Thanks C. for your honesty; you made me look at the jumper again and of course you were right. Having started from the top down I was reluctant to fix it but it was very obvious that it couldn't be worn in that state so, after some thinking time while the jumper lay in the naughty corner, I came up with a solution. I snipped one stitch just above the armhole and slowly, carefully and painstakingly took out all the stitches in that row. It took a couple of hours but I finally separated the yoke from the body. I then picked up all the stitches of the body, ripped out the yoke and proceeded to knit a new one paying carefully attention to EZ's numbers!

Here is the same jumper - version #2.

This jumper has a sister [also knitted top-down]. Here she is:

Her very plain raglan cousin in 5ply acrylic:

And her very fancy cousin:

who, of course, insists in me showing the detail!


  1. what an amazing effort to go to Lynne! Well done!

  2. Wow, you are well on your way to being an expert top down knitter! Glad you ripped out the sweater-very clever to do it that way-I am going to remember that!


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