Sunday 11 October 2009

the Aussie dollar is strong

...and I work hard so I can reward myself every now and then! Do you think this is enough reward?

Do we detect a theme here?

Then, I had to have this for the Moderne Baby Blanket and the Log Cabin Blanket and the bib and ...

This was 33% off

Finally, every sock knitter seems to want this one!

And WM got these - perhaps he hasn't been working hard enough for the big rewards! LOL


  1. you went crazy! Good on you!

  2. We all have to do our part-it is a burden you have borne well!

  3. Ooh, so many good books! I love the Cookie A one... :)

  4. I have the Mason & Dixon knitting book, and I love the Baby Beanie book too as I bought that one not long ago now. What is the other toddler book like, you will have to let me know.


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