Wednesday 2 July 2014

Something Old, something New – July edition

Never too hot to Stitch!
What a month June turned out to be: five days staying with my mother, three weeks with bronchitis, another three-day trip away to tutor two knitting workshops (“stranded colour knitting” and “using slipped stitches for colour and texture”) and hosting a couple who were billetted with us for four days! Needless to say, not much sewing happened during the month.

My stats show that less and less people are signing up for Something Old, something New each month; in fact, less and less people are visiting my blog period! I am tempted to stop the linky party right now but I need something to keep me working on my old projects – they have a way of wearing me down after a while! Just knowing they are there, in the background, whatever life throws at me, makes me want to get them finished! So, Something Old, Something New will continue, despite the fact that I seem to say the same thing -- “almost no progress” -- every month!

In June, my “Something Old” project was to have been a pair of curtains I started way too long ago. Those poor old curtains never even made it out of the cupboard! What little time I had in front of the machine (not a lot when you’re coughing ‘fit to bust’) was spent working on the Country Houses quilt, which had been my Something Old project earlier this year. I was working away on it, making reasonable progress, when I found a small hole right on the seam line of one of the central blocks! I had to unpick some quilting, and open the backing and wadding (it’s a quilt-as-you-go project) to access the seam in question. I really didn't know what to do so I took it to my quilting teacher. I hadn’t been in class for weeks because I hadn’t wanted to share my germs so it wasn't until the very last day of June that the hole was repaired! (Sorry, I forgot to take a photo and the repair is almost invisible!)

I did spend some sewing time at home practising my curved piecing
2014 curved piecing
and in class (after repairing the hole) on foundation piecing so at least some progress was made on my Something New techniques!

My crafting plans for July are as follows:
  1. Something Old -- repair the first pair of 4ply (sock weight) socks I ever knitted: they were for WM and I dropped a stitch while grafting the toe; I have had to rip back several rows to find that stitch!
    Mark's first sock under repair
  2. Something New -- sort my yarn stash, decide what's staying and what’s going then update my stash records on Ravelry! (There’ll be a separate post about this so no photo here)
  3. Works in Progress -- sew in the ends of the pair of socks I finished knitting this past weekend (Socks for Someone #4); it took me eight months to knit the first sock and less than a week to knit the second! They were completely finished on 1 July.
    2014 Socks for Someone #4
  4. Something Old -- graft the toes of the Tidal Wave socks I started a long time ago (the original pattern can be seen here on Ravelry). According to my Ravelry notes, the socks were in hibernation because they were possibly too small (too short?) but it's time to get them off the needles and move on!
    tidal wave sock
  5. Something New -- shadow knitting: I’m currently making a scarf which has the illusion of a piano keyboard (Ravelry link)
  6. Works in Progress -- sew in the ends of my Nouveau Log Cabin knitted blanket (seen in this post about knitting)
  7. Something Old -- finish the Country Houses quilt (you’ve seen this often enough – no more photos till it’s finished!)
  8. Something Old -- knit one fingerless mitten (man size)
    man's mitt
  9. Something New -- a new quilting technique for me: Bargello
  10. Something New -- cast on Socks for Someone #5 (I always have socks on my needles) -- I cast on last night while I was wastching television; I didn't have enough light to cast on navy mitts (the colour in the photo above is nowhere near dark enough) and I can't sit there doing nothing!
    2014 Socks for Someone #5
I have decided that I will do all ten of these things in July, which is quite ambitious considering how little I usually get done! Some of them are only little projects  so I think it's possible to get it all done... I have listed them here in the order I plan to do them but, who knows?!

What about you?
How did you go with your plans in June?
What are your plans for July?

Remember, your “Something New” project can be to start something new or learning (or practising) a new technique! (This month I'm doing both!)

Please link the URL of your specific blog post here so others can come and check out what you’re up to!


  1. It's Summer and people are busy with kids home, or traveling, or - well other things that takes them away from blogland. Everyone sees a drop in traffic at this time.

  2. I've missed you! Glad you are doing better! These are great goals; very manageable if you are going to have a normal month! lol. I have done the drunkards path block but not with scrap strip piecing-very cool!

  3. Many people are busy with vacations, grandchildren, yard and garden work, etc. So not quite as much time to sew and read blogs. Things will smooth out in a month or two.

  4. Your curved piecing project is just lovely! Lots of knitting this month. You can do it!

  5. Ditto on previous comments. I have slowed way down and not been posting as much. And the blogger problems have not helped. Things will improve as we get thru summer and our heat over here. You have had a long and full month of life detours it seems too.

  6. I think I keep forgetting to link up! I've still been playing along though. And yes, you will get a drop in blog traffic at this time of year. Even I'm way behind on my blog reading and I'm not on holiday nor do I have any kid. your curved piecing looks great! good luck with all the goals for the month.

  7. Have you thought of doing a Giveaway for those that spread the word about your linky? Getting the word spread on Facebook, Instagram and Google + might help. Just a thought... Thanks for having it!

  8. I can most certainly relate to all the previous comments. My posting is way down, as is my available free time for anything else. Your curved piecing looks great and so do all of your knitting projects. Hopefully you are on your way to feeling more yourself. It's hard to be motivated when you don't feel well.

  9. You have a very ambitious month ahead of you!! You must be feeling better. I am pleased if I get my three swap items finished in a month. But maybe I need to expect more of myself....

  10. yeppers. grilling and chilling and enjoying the outdoors has taken a toll on blog traffic. but it is all good. I locked myself in my sewing room this weekend so I could finally finish something. LOL


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