Friday 13 June 2014

bronchitis and books

Since I came home from mum’s late last week, I have been knocked about with a bout of bronchitis. Yesterday was the first day that I felt able to do more than sit in a chair and cough!

Today I have plans and the first of those is to write this post!

The past twelve days have given me a chance to participate in a hobby I rarely indulge: reading!

It started while I was at my mum’s. I received an email from my second cousin, who told me that he had just published his first book -- “a golden age mystery novel”. Of course, being a fan of mysteries, I went straight to Amazon and bought An Echo and a Light for my Kindle; which I read through the app on my iPad (poor Kindle, it rarely sees the light of day now; in fact, since we moved, I don’t even know where it is!)
An Echo and a Light
Richard (his nom-de-plume) has even included a character with our mutual family name – Loder! What fun!

The fictional town of Chadfield is based on the town of Lichfield where “Richard” lives. Here is a video he created of photographs of his town as a promotion for his book.

After reading Richard's novel, which I enjoyed, I set off on a quest to find more books to read – this time from the digital collection of my local library. In a week I have borrowed five ebooks and two audiobooks. I enjoyed all but one of them and would recommend them to you if you are a fan of the mystery/suspense genre. (The one I didn't enjoy I have not included here.)

They are seen here in the order I read them. Some I enjoyed more than others (as is always the case) but I have no qualms in letting you make up your own minds. Because of my own particular tastes in books, none of these books has erotic scenes, all have at least a hint of romance and only one (Seven Kinds of Death) has repeated use of “foul” language. The Prayer Box is not a mystery/suspense novel although there are several mysteries that are unravelled through this gentle story.
Seven Kinds of Death    VanishedAgainst All Odds
The Great DivideThe Prayer Box Imposter
What have you been reading lately?


  1. Awww, I knew something had to keeping you from the blog! Hope you keep feeling better! Love the book reviews. I will be checking these out. I have read lots of TSBunn books but not the others.

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  3. Sorry you've been laid low by the respiratory virus that's making the rounds. Hope you feel 100% soon.

    I've been trying to read, but every time I sit down and open a book I fall asleep.

  4. Sorry hear that you have been sick hope you get better soon. :)
    How is the new house ?
    I'm on my second pair of sock!!!!!!


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