Monday 30 December 2013

Something Old, Something New -- part II (with button and grab code)

Note: This post is almost identical to the information in the tab at the top of this blog so you may have already read it. Please leave a comment if you're thinking of joining the party! ;-)

Nearly all the crafts-people I know are like me. We all have UFOs that we "should" be working on but the lure of the new beckons us.

In 2014, I want to concentrate on learning new techniques across many of the crafts in which I am involved. However I also want to get some of those UFOs out of my craft room and into use.

Hence: Something Old, Something New. I am challenging myself to finish (at least) one UFO a month and, at the same time, learn (at least) one new technique a month.

How do I define UFO? Any project I haven't worked on in the last three months is a UFO. If I've done some work on it in the last ninety days, it's a WiP and doesn't really qualify! But that's the boundaries I've set myself. You can set any boundaries/rules/guidelines -- whatever works for you!

Maybe you are unlike me and have no UFOs but would like to learn some new techniques.
Or maybe you've dozens of UFOs and no plan (right now) to learn new techniques -- you just want to get those UFOs done!

You've come to the right place.
For me it will be "old" and "new" but for you it might be either "old" or "new".

Won't you please consider joining me for this year's challenge?   
Any craft, any project, any technique is welcome.

I'll put up a linky party on the second day of each month (there are many other linky parties happening on the first of the month! LOL). In that post, I will share my progress from the previous month and list my goals for the month to come.

There will be no prizes, no give-aways; just the joy of sharing and perhaps meeting some new blog friends. 

I'd love you to join me -- parties are much more fun when other people come along! Here's the button for your blog if you accept my invitation!
Never too hot to Stitch!


  1. I would like to sign up as 'old' or 'new'... :-)

  2. Great idea! I'm not going to officially sign up, but I have been making myself work on one old project every time I pick up a new one - little by little, I'll get through that pile! :)

  3. Oooh, good idea! I've got a pile of new projects I want to start...but then I feel guilty neglecting the UFOs. o I'm totally down with one new, one old. Or something that resembles that ratio.

  4. I'll be there the second day of each month. I'm not too sure about the "new" techniques, but after playing along with Barbara's NewFO challenge for 2 years, I have a few UFOs that I need to finish. It's not likely that I will finish a UFO each month, but I'll pick one to finish first and post on my progress with that one UFO.

  5. I've added your button to my blog and looking forward to it!

  6. I'm in! I'm going to do my best :)


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