Thursday, 5 September 2013

2013:The Year of the Finished Project --September edition

Warning: there are no photos in this post, sorry. My computer, with all my images, is in the shop undergoing treatment for spyware! I am posting this from my iPad.

Never Too Hot to Stitch!
Well, here we are; two thirds of the year over and less than seventeen weeks to go of 2013. A sobering thought, at least for me -- this year has not turned out at all I like I planned!

I wasn't expecting to spend three months renovating DD's house; at the beginning of the year, the idea of moving away had not even entered DD's head!

I certainly didn't expect to get shingles either!

De-cluttering wasn't unexpected but it did hit rather suddenly!

However, as host of this here Linky party, I'm tired of excuses and tired of my UFOS. I'm planning for the final third of this year to be more productive, craft-wise, than the previous eight months.

So, first, a reality check on my August focus list:
  1. Country Houses quilt -- untouched due to forgetting to buy batting whenever I was at LQS
  2. Ambassador of Love mittens -- untouched; can't find the yarn to finish
  3. Westall cardigan -- untouched
  4. Scrappy Log Cabin quilt -- flimsy and backing finished, to be basted in class 2 Sept
  5. Purple Cocoon socks-- untouched
  6. Gift of Hope quilt #2; substituted by Gift of Hope quilt #3 -- finished 29 August
There's no more to be said; it's a sad indictment on the host!

Lets turn our attention instead to my focus list for September:
  1. Scrappy Log Cabin quilt -- quilting and binding
  2. Westall cardigan, aka as “Cardigan for Me” – get it done and on my back!
  3. Scrappy Heart blocks – enlarge all thirty and turn them into a flimsy
  4. Country Houses quilt – time to get it off the shelf and on to our bed
  5. Gift of Hope quilt #2 – get it finished
  6. Purple Cocoon Socks – just get them done, they've been on the needles too long!
  7. turn another set of blocks from the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2012 into a flimsy
Edited to add that I'm linking goals #1, #3 and #4 with Nothing but UFOs over on Carrie's blog, A Passion for Applique
We're only five days into this month but I've already made a start!

The Scrappy Log Cabin quilt was basted on Monday. The quilting was finished on Tuesday and the binding will be attached this afternoon.

I've decided that waiting for my "desire" to knit to return is fruitless, best I just take control and move on. To this end, I dug out the Purple Cocoon Socks on Tuesday evening. You may recall that I stopped knitting these socks because they were for me and I thought they were a bit too small in the  foot. Having decided to just get on with it, I determined that if they didn't fit me, they will fit either DD or mum, so it was time to get them finished. I found using two 40cm (16") circulars very awkward so I only managed twelve rows on Tuesday night. Last night I did another twenty-four rows of the pattern and the final twelve rows of ribbing. Now I just have to bind off and the first sock is done!

Things are looking up for me now -- no turning back, onwards and upwards! I want to finish the year with a flourish!

How about you? Did you meet your goals for August? What have you planned for September?

Please link here with the URL of your specific blog post so we can all pop in and cheer you on!


  1. I'd felt like I'd lost focus over winter on my UFOs - but on review, I have actually achieved a few bits and pieces. Now Spring is here it's onwards and upwards for me too.

  2. You did well with all the stuff going on in your life right now. Good luck with your September goals.

    I've enjoyed this challenge. It makes me stop and think each month about what I really want to get done in whatever time I have to stitch.

  3. Fall is an energizing season for me... it's almost like New Year's Resolution time. Or maybe it's just a last ditch effort to catch up on my resolutions! Thanks for hosting this challenge.

  4. good luck with your goals for this month. I hope things slow down for me and I can start getting some more stuff done.

  5. Lynne, phew you have been busy! I've found that when you have the best of intentions, life throws up "stuff to deal with now"! Glad that you are getting back on track, I've managed to rejoin and make progress this last month. You blog does inspire me to plod on.


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