Friday 29 March 2013

Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday

Today I’m hosting the linky party for TGIFF and, yes, I have a finish.

It’s not the one I hoped to have – although that came close.

This is an previously unpublished project.

A few weeks ago, my quilting teacher was talking to us about making a quilt each for the Gift of Hope project. Basically, the quilts are made and donated to families whose babies are still-born or die soon after death. My teacher says “born asleep”.

It’s a sad project but I wanted to help.

Here is a picture of the backing taped down ready for basting and the flimsy lying on top.
2013 #1 basted
I tried hard to buy some suitable green fabric for the binding.

I had plenty of the pink but felt it would overwhelm the whole thing. I didn't have enough of the white-on-white print to make binding and thought a slightly darker blue-green would be perfect. Of course, the colour in my head was not available.

At Caring Hearts Community Quilting group yesterday, someone found a white fabric with a tiny gold print on it that I could use.
2013 #1 binding fabric detail
So last night, I made binding and hand-stitched it down. But, of course, I had to wait for daylight to take photos!

First the backing – a hand dyed fabric donated to the quilting group (I also used this on the front).
2013 #1 backing
I quilting diagonally through the floral squares. This photo also gives the most accurate colour of the fabrics.
2013 #1 detail
Finished size - 24" x 24".
2013 #1 finished

Thank goodness I had a finish to show!

I'm also linking this project with Barbara's New FO party. Pop over to Cat Patches and see the projects that were started by other bloggers in March.

What about you? Do you have a finish to show this week?


  1. A very pretty quilt for a very worthy cause. Congrats on the finish.

  2. What a thoughtful program! Your quilt will be much appreciated, Lynny! Great job!

  3. Great quilt and a worthy charity. Glad you pushed and got it done!

  4. Thanks for hosting TGIFF! Congrats on your finish!

  5. Wonderful cause, such a difficult time where your quilt will provide comfort! Great job!

  6. What a sweet quilt and a great charity to be giving it to.

  7. thanks for hosting . . love the quilt!

  8. What a thoughtful cause. Enjoying the link-up party this week hosted by you. FYI - love the title of your blog as well!

  9. That's a lovely quilt, and I think it's going to a wonderful cause.

  10. congrats on your great finish!

  11. A lovely quilt for a very good cause.

  12. What a pretty quilt - well done for finishing it. I've just linked up for the first time as I've completed some pincushions in the last week. Hope that's OK 'cos everyone else has quilts, but I'm a quilter too and hope to have one to show next time.

  13. What a precious quilt. Thanks for linking up today.

  14. Sad situations need quilts. Your quilt will help someone.


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