Sunday 9 September 2012

identified finished object

Some garter stitch, a set of 5mm (US 8) circulars and 200g of Moda Vera Noemi, colourway “red” plus nine days of knitting have produced this:
2012 Shawl for Someone #3
An easy knit and a satisfactory finish.

And that’s two more skeins of acrylic yarn gone from my stash! Hurrah!

Ravelry tells me I have 60+ skeins of acrylic to go – but some of them are being used in the acrylic intarsia blanket – Ravelry just doesn’t know it yet!

Now back to the intarsia blanket before the weather gets too warm for knitting afghans!


  1. Oooh, very pretty. Love all that red, it's very bright and cheery. Congrats on getting some yarn out of your stash.

  2. Oh that's absolutely terrific!

  3. Beautiful I like the effect you created with all the shades of color. It's turning cooler here...

  4. That's beautiful and looks so snuggly. It reminds me of fall.

  5. That shawl looks lovely and warm.

    Being able to mark stash on Ravelry as 'all used up' is very satisfying, isn't it?

  6. It is amazing -you did a great job of turning that ball of yarn into a hug!

  7. Well done - and the colours are lovely!

  8. striking colours! What's acrylic like to wear?


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