Sunday 8 July 2012

brought to you by the colour blue

I am making up for my lack of sewing in June. During the last few days I made all these blocks:

four patch (6.5 inches unfinished)
2012 blue four patch
nine patch (6.5 inches unfinished)
2012 blue nine patch
strings (6.5 inches unfinished)
2012 blue strings
improv (6.5 inches unfinished)
2012 blue improv
Wonky Windows (5.5 inches unfinished)
2012 blue Wonky Windows
…a total of 28 blocks and I still have all this blue scrap fabric to go (I haven’t even showed you the smaller amount of teal, turquoise and aqua scraps!)
2012 blue stash after 28 blocks made
Better get back to the sewing!

Linking up with Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at SoScrappy's blog.



  1. Gorgeous! No mid-winter "blues" for you then, Lynne ;-P

  2. Oh my, that is A LOT of blue! They all look great, hope you find some inspiration for the rest.

  3. Impressive collection of blocks you have 'built'!!! Nice work in the sewing department!

  4. Love the blocks especially the wonky windows. Great color combination.

  5. Love your blue blocks! Awesome that you have so many shades of blue that play wonderfully together.

  6. I love your beautiful blue blocks!!!!!

  7. Wow - a buffet of blues! Love seeing all the different varieties!

  8. Wow, you got lots done! Save some - there are still 3 Saturdays left this month.

  9. Looks lovely, thanks for droping by my blog and saying hello It great to get back to the Mountian I don't miss Sydney at all..:)
    I'll hopefully be back the knitters guild next year. I do miss it.

  10. Wow, what a nice array of blue blocks you're making, some of my favorites and your blues look great together.

  11. Gorgeous blues in those blocks. You were really busy last week!

  12. are on fire with the blues...great job!

  13. Woo! Go you! I find that scraps always make more scraps, lol!

  14. Go girl go! That is a lot of very pretty blue sewing. Great job.


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