Friday 25 May 2012

look what’s on my design wall

My design wall was put up temporarily several months ago -- with tape.

A couple of weeks ago it fell down.

Last weekend, while we were in the hardware store, WM and I found the pieces we needed for a more permanent solution: shower curtain rings and eyelets.

Yesterday afternoon, WM turned a flannel-backed tablecloth into this:
2012 design wall solution

And I did this:

There are twenty ten-inch blocks here and another four to be sewn on the back.

All I have to do to finish this top is sew the blocks together then add a border. I’m thinking of a zigzag in half square triangles which will echo both the zigzag made by the Log Cabin blocks and the HSTs in the centre of each block.
2012 Scrappy Log Cabin completed block
What do you think (I really want to know)?


  1. Very nice. It looks like an Induan blanket from the American Southwest.

    Love your design wall. Does it hang in front of a window?

  2. Funny I don't like the single block, but really, really love the overall effect!!
    Shows how stepping back sometimes helps a LOT

  3. Oh wow! I think it's just smashing!

  4. You certainly have a treasure in WM! What a nifty solution to your design wall. Wish I had some wall space to do the same.

    I think that quilt is wonderful, in fact I went fishing for my copy of Dr Annette Gero's book "Historic Quilts of Australia" (now out of print, sadly) because your quilt reminded me so much of her cover quilt. Yours is not identical, I discovered, but very like it, and has the appearance of an antique quilt just the same. Great work, Lynne! Are you going to hand quilt it, or is that just a silly suggestion?!?!?

  5. I love the versatility of log cabin blocks, that just by changing the arrangement of th e squares, you can get a compltely different effect. I personally like them arranged to make diagonal lines (with the light and darks) but this is an effective pattern too. And I think your idea for the border sounds great.

  6. Wow, you have outdone yourself with this pile of strips! It is just a striking layout with these log cabin blocks! Can't wait to see it with the borders-very nice work!

    (The new design wall is a great idea, I will try to find a place to work this in my new sewing room!)

  7. This looks so great. of course, I am a sucker for log cabin blocks and any striking layout. Great job on the design wall....don't you wonder how we managed before having one?

  8. great idea for your design wall.
    I love log cabin quilts and I think your quilting idea will work.

  9. Love the log cabin blocks. Congrats on getting a "permanent" design wall. I'd be lost without mine.

  10. What a great idea for a design wall! Mine is just held up with pushpins to come down for company. Yours looks much nicer. Great setting on your log cabin blocks-- love the border effect the side blocks give with a zig zag effect. Congratulations on getting it done.

  11. Hi Lynn fabulous quilt, you have been busy!

  12. Love the design wall. What a great idea.The table cloth would be much sturdier than just batting.

    Lovely quilt too. I like the way you positioned the blocks.I'm not sure I'd do a zigzag border with the zigzag quilt. It might be too busy and take away from the lovely design of the block layout.

  13. I think it's spectacular!

  14. Your design wall is certainly covered with a fabulous quilt! Well done :-)

  15. I too love the quilt - great effect



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