Wednesday 11 January 2012

advice needed from experienced quilters

(and a gasp/giggle for non-quilters when you see the photo at the end!)

On the weekend, DD and I completely cleaned the Brother PQ-1500S that came with my quilting frame (which I bought on Ebay several months ago).

I rethreaded the machine with new, high quality (Gutermann) cotton thread, checked the bobbin and made sure it was inserted correctly.

I sewed a straight seam. The top tension was a bit loose so I tightened it slightly.

I sewed another straight seam through two layers of homepsun - beautiful!

I sewed another straight seam through a quilt sandwich - even more beautiful!

I changed feet. I dropped the feed dogs. I attempted some free motion quilting. The problems with stitch length and wonkiness are due to my inexperience - the machine appeared to be working just fine.

I carried the machine out to the quilting frame in the garage.

I moved the needle just inside the two selvages of my two layers of calico (muslin) on which we have had successful quilting practice before.

I hand-lowered the needle to pull the bobbin thread through to the top.

I sewed three or four stitches in place to anchor the threads and I tried to sew a straight line.

Why then, having worked brilliantly in the kitchen, did I get this on the bottom of the layers before the top thread snapped?

Please, please help me!!


  1. Annoying, isn't it? That is what it looks like when my machine needs to be re-threaded. Sometimes for some random reason, my thread just seems to jump out of the tension thingers on its own. Simply threading the machine again works for me. Hope that is all your issue is!

  2. Like Toni, I was going to suggest rethreading too. Also, I would take out and re-seat the bobbin. No harm in doing all this anyway. I feel your pain, Lynne!

  3. Oh no! I haven't had problems like this often, but I'd agree with Toni. If I'm sure the machine is set appropriately (and yours is w/ all of your little tests) the thread is usually caught somewhere. Take out both the top and bottom threads fully and just pop them back in. Hopefully it's as simple as that. If not...I've no better suggestion to help you :)

  4. Argh and grrr! That's all I can say about that

  5. I'm with Toni, Di, and Cindy. Try rethreading it.

  6. Tension for free motion and for seam sewing are completely different-check it for free motion when off the frame and then load it on the frame-the two kinds of stitching don't share settings at all!

    Load it on the frame, make sure the presser foot is up to thread the top thread, be sure your bobbin thread is loaded in the machine correctly, slowly tighten your tension by small increments to set the chocolate often and breathe!

  7. Oh No, I wish I could help.
    I was going to say the same thing as Toni but I don't think you re-threaded your machine.
    Hope you figure it out.

  8. i have had that happen too! I got up and walked away for a day, came back, rethreaded and it was gone. But man it wouldn't go away on that day that it happened!


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