Tuesday 29 November 2011

still not home

But at least I have access to the internet!

It's a long tale that can summed up in one phrase: "too much rain".

Yes, you guessed it; last weekend, Moree, the town where my mum had her cataract operation, had the second highest flood on record!

We were trapped until yesterday. Mum needed to be home becasue she had another appointment (which was made nine months ago) in the town of Tamworth today and needed to come home first to collect ehr x-rays,etc.

Even when I made the decision to leave by the "long way home", I had no idea that the planned route (due to flooding in other areas) was 631 kilometres (395 miles). That is really the loooooooong way home - Moree to Bingara, mum's home town, is just 117 kilometres (73 miles) by her preferred route.

This map shows the route I thought I would be taking; the road between Narrabri (B) and Bingara (G) is the one I wanted to take!

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Anyway,  I was about 40 kilometres (25 miles) out the Narrabri-Coonabarabran Road when something told me to stop and check mum's phone. Sure enough, there was a voice message from mum's friend at the tourism office in Bingara, telling us that the road from Narrabri to Bingara had just been reopened. So, of course, I turned around and headed back into Narrabri, through town, and onto the Bingara Road! Yay!

What could have been an nine hour trip turned into a four hour trip (counting lunch stops, asking for information about road conditions, buying fuel and heading 40km in the wrong direction before being turned around! Thank you Lord!

I have managed to change my own ticket and will return to Sydney tomorrow - three days after I planned!

I will have photos of the flooding (if they worked) for you on Thursday!

And, mum's operation was very successful. Hopefully the other eye will be done next year.


  1. I guess this is why you have to stay flexible with travel plans! Glad you were together at least!

  2. First I missunderstood and thought you had to go a much longer route than you had planed on. But I am happy everything worked out in your favor and that your mom is doing good! Oh, the package hasn't arrived yet.

  3. The land of flooding rains...
    I was a high school teacher at Narrabri for a year and remember what it was like when the river flooded. Glad your Mum's eye operation was successful - it certainly makes a dramatic difference to one's vision.
    Safe trip home.

  4. Looking forward to seeing you


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