Wednesday 12 October 2011

high tea

On 30th September, WM (who had a rostered day off) and I took my mother to the nearby town of Windsor for a belated birthday surprise.

We took her to Mishy's for "lunch". Every table had a different setting - DD would have loved the table in the middle of the room; it had butterflies on the crockery.

This was our table. We had floral cups and saucers with striped plates. The tea pot had leaf tea inside (hence the strainer behind my cup of tea); the big white pot on my left was hot water. You can't see very well, but the water (from the pink bottle) and the freshly squeezed apple juice in the background was served in cut glass goblets. WM had the plunger of freshly brewed coffee which was replaced during the meal. And look at those tiny hand-made meringues on the plates!

I had pre-ordered the "elegant high tea" for three: mini pie, mini quiche, quarter sandwiches with the crusts cut off (egg, smoked salmon, ham and, of course, cucumber), scones with jam and cream, tiny cup cakes (one each of banana, carrot and chocolate) and tiny cream filled profiteroles.

Sadly, the cafe is in the back of an arcade with little passing foot traffic. Business is slow. We were there at 1pm and only one other person came in for a sandwich and a coup of coffee.

I don't know if this is the reason the business is on the market but I know I will be telling everyone to go there before it closes at the end of November. WM is going to take his mother and will mind the Grandboys while I take DD.

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