Wednesday 6 July 2011

older Brother came back / fabric combinations

On Monday, older Brother returned from his ten day stint away from home. He's been serviced and is ready to go!

He doesn't look much smaller than his new sister - but check out the difference in the width of the throats! So far as these flannel fabrics go, Leonie, Jessica and Cindy you were all right: I am going to use the spacemen and the red with white stars together.

Since I love the stripes and WM wants me to use the green star fabric (hi Lara and Inigo), they will be paired together too (right again, Leonie!).


  1. Not Downton Abbey? Oh my - really? It may not be an original classic (ie written in the period) but it's written by a man who knows the period extremely well - with meticulous attention to quality, detail and gobsmacking drama. The fact that it was shown on a commercial station was a bad decision. It makes it look sexed up and like something it isn't. I highly recommend getting a dvd copy and throwing yourself into some truly wonderful television. Ignore the hype. See it as a beautifully, carefully written drama set in a fascinating period.

    Otherwise, yes I'm with you on a lot of your viewing - although i like some of the darker tv crime too.

  2. The colors are going to be a hit! Fun to guess the combinations! So glad you are sewing machine rich now! Enjoy!

  3. They are great colour combos, can't wait to see the finished products :-)


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