Sunday 24 July 2011

a note to the Cruise Director

ETA: progress on my to do list is at the bottom of the post!

One of the followers of this blog has self-styled herself as the "Cruise Director" (hi, C!)

In the interests of keeping the ship afloat (so to speak), I bring my latest report on the progress of the Pinwheel Blanket.

The finished blanket will have 112 units (5" x 5") joined together to make 28 blocks (10" x 10").

So far I have joined 80 of those units into 20 blocks.

I then joined those 20 blocks into 10 pairs of blocks.

Four pairs are joined together to make a group of eight (seen on the left of the photo below) and six pairs are joined to make a group of twelve but the twenty blocks (8 + 12) have not yet been united.

Before I ran out of yarn, this was the pile of units I had knitted.

Because there is a mistake in the joining of two blocks in the photo above, and because I would have to rip out 200cm (80 inches) of grafting to fix the mistake, I have decided to let sleeping dogs lie. (Are sleeping dogs allowed to lie around on this ship, Cruise Director?)

The good news is that having made that mistake, I can now make a deliberate mistake and fudge one more block for the yarn I couldn't get!

So now I have to do the following to be finished by next Sunday:
  • finish knitting two units which were started but couldn't be completed because of the absence of purple yarn (done - Sunday 24th July)
  • join 28 units into seven blocks (done - Sunday 24th July)
  • layout the units to see which two colours will work best for my fudge block (done - Sunday 24th July)
  • knit four units for the fudge block (done - Sunday 24th July)
  • join those four units to make one more block (done - Sunday 24th July)
  • join the last eight units into four pairs (done - Sunday 24th July)
  • join the four pairs into one large group of eight (done - Sunday 24th July)
  • join the group of eight to the other group of eight to make a group of sixteen (done - Monday 25th July)
  • join the group of sixteen to the group of twelve (done - Monday 25th July)
  • sew in all the remaining ends (started - Monday 25th July; finished Wednesday 27th July)
  • crochet a border around the blanket to finish the edges neatly (started - Tuesday 26th July; finished Wednesday 27th July)
Do you think I can do it?


  1. You can do it! I have faith in you :-) It's not a biological necessity to sleep is it?

  2. ABSOLUTELY!!! You can accomplish this and more if you set your mind to it! Does it help to know the blanket is gorgeous and well worth the flurry of knitting to finish!? Put those needles in overdrive! Go!

  3. A lot of work to do in one week, but of course you can do it!

  4. Good luck! I think you can! :)


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