Thursday 14 July 2011

all's well that ends well

Thanks for your supportive comments regarding yesterday's kitchen cupboard fit out.

The poor young bloke who was here to install the cupboard (which he estimated would take an hour) was here nearly all day. After his morning tea, he was sent to the local hardware chain to buy the needed wallboard and paint, then he had to remove the old wallboard and install and paint the new board. Finally, he was able to install the cupboard!

Several hours after he had first come to disconnect the pipes, the plumber returned to reconnect us.

By three thirty it was all over! We had a new cupboard and a new tap (we paid for that, it wasn't part of the insurance job).

If the insurance company had been willing to send us a cheque, WM would have attended to the wallboard, the painting and the cupboard himself but no, the insurance company would only subcontract the work to their preferred project managers who, in turn, designated their preferred tradies.

Now we are waiting for phase 2, having the floorboards ripped up and relaid. There is damage to about two square metres of flooring but sixteen square metres has to be ripped up and relaid because of the location of the damage!

As Pinkadot Quilts blog says: "Everything will be all right in the end, if it's not all right - it's not the end!"


  1. Well, things are looking up! Finally! Are you both feeling better yet?

  2. What a nightmare it has been for you, Hopefully, things will be up and running perfectly soon.


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