Wednesday 11 May 2011

sunshine in Patonga

We had one day in eight that was sunny from beginning to end. Fortunately, it was the day that DD, SIL and GS#1 visited us.

At low tide, we had fun on the beach.

There was no bath in the house so Grandad washed GS#1 in a plastic tub. After his initial refusal to cooperate, he enjoyed his "bath" (especially after the camera appeared)!


  1. I have a photo of one son, then aged three being washed in a smaller plastic container when we were out camping. Amazing how children will cheer up at the sight of the camera.

    Al my sons became used to the shower from a few weeks old. Sometimes it was the easiest way to clean them up in the morning by handing in to whichever parent was in the shower! They did have a bath too but the shower was convenient.

  2. The ocean pics are beautiful! The color of the water is much bluer than here; we have more green tint in the blue water! Your grandson is so cute-he sure knew how to enjoy himself!


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