Thursday 28 April 2011

going? going? gone!

Some of you may have seen my now deleted post about WM's internal debate: his father was ill, in fact he was dying, and poor WM was trying to decide if we should go away to the holiday house we had rented for a week. MIL said we should go - we were only going to be two hours drive and/or a phone call away if needed.

Then my father-in-law died. And the question arose again. Six children and their mother discussed the funeral arrangements.

And finally a decision was reached. The funeral is to be held the day after we return from our week away - WM needs this break very much. He is an extrovert who normally recharges around people but he was hanging out to just "get away". Thank you MIL for your decision.

And so we are gone from home and staying here:
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So today, when I should have been at work, I am relaxing at the beach with my husband. DD, SIL and GS#1 will join is for a couple of days at the end of our stay.


  1. This wasn't a case of right or wrong but I am so glad you are going! Praying for rest and recharging in the Lord! Enjoy.

  2. yes a break sounds vital. Enjoy the downtime.


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