Thursday 21 April 2011

entrelac workshop

I have recently facilitated two workshops for our group of the Knitters' Guild of NSW.

The first was held on 19th March - we did squares of entrelac in garter stitch, which meant there were no foundation triangles and the participants were able to concentrate on learning how the squares "interlock".

one in two colours, one in a variegated yarn to show the difference yarn choice makes
The pattern was copied from a book, now out of print, by Brenda Horne (a member of the Knitters' Guild of NSW) called "Enjoy Entrelac Knitting".

Some of the participants finished their sample squares for homework. I gave them a pattern for six inch squares - DD knitted hers 10 inches square so she could use it as part of a blanket (afghan) for Wrap With Love and in the process began to truly understand how entrelac works.

DD's 10 inch square for Wrap With Love
On 16th April we had our second workshop. This time we knitted foundation and side triangles as well as squares. the participants had the choice of knitting traditional entrelac in stocking stitch or knitting a "garterlac dishcloth", pattern from Dave at criminyjickets. (Thanks C. for giving me the link).

Note to self: I really should have done one in two colours so that the participants could see the structure.
I really like tutoring; I am a teacher by profession but I also am a teacher by passion and gifting.


  1. Those entrelac pieces are interesting. I can see how the use of two colours would aid in understanding the structure though. Maybe for next time?

  2. Hi Lynne, I'm glad to be back online after moving. I made a very similar comment to our minister a few weeks ago. I said I was a teacher by training but also by calling and gifting.

    Entrelac has never really appealed to me to try much, although I've seen some lovely things sing it. Don't quite know why that is.

  3. Great job-this technique will open doors to more knitting skills and creativity! So nice to have you help others open the door!


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