Monday 19 April 2010

Entrelac style blanket finished

I knitted this blanket from my hand-dyed acrylic to my own design. It is so pretty I can scarcely think of giving it away! LOL

The two outside panels are done in entrelac, the pale aqua border was added to one side of each and then the centre panel was stitched to join the two outside panels together. From a distance the colours don't show up very well so here are two close ups from the centre panel.

To finish, a six row border was added to the long sides of the blanket, then six rows to the top and bottom. Finally I knitted all the way around (using my KnitPicks 150cm, 120cm, 80cm and 60cm cables) using the ends of various yarns. I could have done two more rounds but I was so sick of purling 1000+ stitches that I stopped!

eta: Details
size: 175cm (70inches) x 100cm (40 inches)
yarn: hand-painted and hand-dyed acrylic 8ply (DK) in 14 colourways (see each entrelac square) and 100g of pale aqua acrylic (thanks Leonie)
design: my own
stitches: garter stitch throughout
time taken: February 26-April 17 (approx. 7 weeks)
destination: Wrap with Love (TAFE challenge)


  1. very nice! Looks like a lot of work went into its creation.

  2. Purling 1000 stitches!!! I don't think I could have done one row. You are one persistent lady. I hope the recepient of your gift apreciates all your hard work.

  3. wow, 1000 purl stitches!? I can completely understand why you stopped early.

    I really like the entrelac outer squares, they look good with the hand dyed yarn.

  4. That is gorgeous! Love your work.
    Glad to hear the ACK is coming in handy :-)

  5. Oh my goodness! That's just gorgeous. It looks like a stained glass window :)

  6. Just stunning-looks very Monet-ish! Excellent work!

  7. the effect of all those colours is just lovely Lynne! I can see why you're so attached to it. And Entrelac! I really must try that some time.

  8. What a lot of love has gone into this, and the colours, oh my! Absolutely gorgeous. Like the dawn.


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